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29 Sep 2011

Leave A Great Review

Leave a great review

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Your reviews will help others to enhance their riding experience and will be much appriciated

When you write a review on, it’s essential you try to stick to some general guidelines so that everyone can get the best out of your review. Consider the kind of information you look for when buying or researching a new product and try to include as much specific detailed information that is relevant to the product you are reviewing as you can.

Here is our review writing guide to help you get the most out of writing reviews, and as a result, more out of reading everyone else’s reviews.

• Be Specific and to the point

• Be honest but not too negative- explain how you think the product could be better or give examples of products you’ve used that were better.
• Try to make the score you give the product fairly reflect the review you have written.

• Be honest, but constructive: A good review should not put others or their opinions down. After all, there isn’t such thing as an ‘incorrect’ review.

• Avoid having your review being rejected by using appropriate language.

Write from a constructive angle. Instead of saying “this item sucks, it failed on the first ride and upon a warranty replacement, the same thing happened”, tell the reader what about it failed and what would make it a better product like this: ‘this item cracked at the top weld and upon warranty replacement, the same thing happened again. It would be much better if they adjusted the angle to release pressure’.

Be Specific: Details are good, so make sure you get into some detail. Point out the features you think are good and if possible, why. Likewise, if you think a feature is poorly designed or has a problem with it, be sure to say why you think this

Unbiased: Not every item you buy will suit you perfectly. Remember though; just because it isn’t your personal preference that doesn’t mean it might not be somebody else’s. Try and write about the product from an unbiased point-of-view. If you don’t like the style of an item you might be able to say; ‘the style doesn’t really suit me’ instead of ‘the style sucks!’.
Balanced: A good review should point out the good points and the bad in a product. Occasionally you will be so utterly delighted in a product, you will leave it top marks, but you must tell us why you love the item.

Congruous: All that this fancy word means is that the comments you make in a review should match the rating attached to it. Ratings should be based on the quantity and importance of suggestions (i.e. typos are rather minor, whereas product suggestions are a more major issue). If you say an item is “perfect,” but then leave a rating of 3, you will have very confused shoppers. Even a rating of 4 with no suggestions will leave other shoppers asking, “why not a 5?” If you cannot leave a specific suggestion or at least a reason why the product is not five-star worthy in your mind then a 5 should probably be given.

Above all else, ensure your review isn’t rejected by avoiding the following things: Don’t swear, don’t mention competitors and try to just focus on the quality of the product over anything

The end bit

Leaving a review on is beneficial to other shoppers out there, but most of all, it’s going to improve products for you. This is an ideal forum to get your feelings of manufacturers’ products out there with your recommendations as to how they can be improved, manufacturers find these comments most useful. Remember, above all else, no plagiarism. Your review is ‘your’ review and should not be copied from anywhere else.