Fizik Women's R3B Donna Road Shoes

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R3B Donna
The Fizik R3 Donna Boa Shoes are developed in partnership with the highest level of professional female cyclists who use these shoes to great effect in World Tour, Olympic and World Championship racing events. The best cutting edge technologies, highest quality materials and pioneering manufacturing techniques are used to deliver the best shoes for road riding and racing.

Stiff, Aerodynamic and Breathable
The R3 Donna Boa provides top of the range performance and is cut, sized and styled specifically for female riders. They feature the perfect blend of comfort and weight thanks to the fi’zi:k Cycling Insole that supports the heel and keeps cadence efficiency high. It also has strategically placed perforations in the material to increase temperature management, allowing the riders' feet to breathe. The outsole is made from uni-directional carbon fibre and is exceptionally stiff, aids power transfer and it is sculpted perfectly to compliment the shoes aerodynamic properties.

Boa IP1 Closure System
The single Boa IP1 closure system is secure, infinitely adjustable, aerodynamic and exceptionally light. It holds the microfibre upper in place, is flexible to ensure comfort and meets the aerodynamic demands required for serious racing.

About Fizik
The Fi'zi:k brand was born in 1996 - a high-end bicycle saddle line, designed and handmade in Italy by the world's largest saddle manufacturer. Fi'zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the word "physique" - referring to the form or state of the human body. Fizik have three saddle shapes; there is the dipped platform found on the Gobi and Aliante range. The second is their flat style found on the Arione and Pave range. The third is the Antares which sits between the previous two shapes. Dipped platform saddles give a supported riding position and 'cup' the pelvic bone, these are ideal for riders who tend to remain in one position on the saddle. Flat saddles allow the rider to move forward and backwards on the saddle and are ideal for distance riders on varying terrain. The Antares range bridges the gap between dipped and flat saddles, offering 300% more padding and a 15% larger sitting area when compared to their competitors saddles. Whilst still maintaining a low weight from as little as 145g, there has been no sacrifice to construction or rider comfort. Fizik produce saddles in varying lengths to suit riders needs, Arione are longer in length at over 300mm with an increased nose length. The Pave, Antares and Aliante ranges are a more traditional length at under 290mm. Triathletes, Time Trialists and women are specifically catered for with the Vitesse range. Within this range there is the Tri/TT specific range which incorporates increased padding in the nose of the saddle for extended periods on the tri-bars and the Ladies Life Vitesse which is specifically shaped for the female form.

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Materials: Microtex laser perforated
Outsole: UD Carbon Fibre
Closure System: Boa IP1
Insole: fi'zi:k cycling Insole
Weight: 210g (size 38.5)

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